Second Storey Modular Home Addition to Townhouses in Toronto

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Second Storey Modular Home Addition to Townhouses in Toronto

I have been looking to get a modular second story home addition in my house, but the problem is I live in a bungalow townhome in Toronto. My neighbor is not interested, but I told the neighbor that I would compensate any tweaking, damages, or repairs that are needed as a consequence of this project. Is Modular Homes able to add a second story to my side of the townhouse only?



By Modular Home Additions Ltd
Yes we can, and we have done quite a few second and even third story additions on semi detached town houses in Toronto. We would like to explain the whole process and help you with all the information that you need in regard to your second storey inquiry.
Best thing would be if you can contact the office at 416 759-4663. From there, we would be able to arrange a meeting with one of our sales representatives, to explain what and how Modular Home Additions can help you.
Please feel free to visit our website as well for before and after galleries, examples of the work we have completed in the past and more information about what we have to offer.
Thank you, 
Vladeta Jericevic
Contact Us
Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
27 Bermondsey Rd.
Toronto, ON M4B 1Z7
Fax: 416.759.9563

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