Renovation and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Renovation and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Hi Modular,
I have a very small, one-person-can-fit style of bathroom in my Toronto home. Although it is squishy, I’d like to spruce it up a bit, either by renovating it or adding some design features. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for small bathrooms?


By Modular Home Additions Ltd
When it comes to renovation and design ideas for small bathrooms, you should try to work with smaller fixtures (i.e. pedestal sink, etc.) Also, the right colors and lightning can create the illusion of a roomy bathroom. Try also stacking shelves that can fix to outside or inside of cupboard doors.
You have lots of hanging space on the ceiling so you can use ceiling hooks to hang anything. There are still options available to you in terms of renovation and design for small bathrooms. 
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