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I am looking for modern flooring renovation options to change up the look of the floors in our downtown Toronto home. We currently have carpet and linoleum tiles on the first floor, which have been chipping away and have collected a lot of dust and odors over the years and because we want to maybe sell the house, a more modern flooring option would be best. We are currently looking for the standard hard wood flooring option but again, because we may sell in the future, something more modern in terms of flooring is the option we prefer.

Are there any other modern flooring renovation ideas or trends that come to mind for a project such as this?






By Modular Home Additions Ltd
When looking into renovating flooring, you should first check your linoleum floors to make sure they do not have asbestos in them, which can be a health hazard. In that case, the removal should be done by the professional company.
Hardwood floors are always good choice for the house due to their durability and for their convenience. Unlike carpets that might collect dust and mites, hardwood floor is more a healthy option.
New more modern trends are also eco-friendly flooring, such as cork flooring. Cork is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making it one of the most renewable and ecologically friendly materials found anywhere in the world. Cork can take on the appearance of other floor covering materials allowing you to have the trendy sleek appearance of wood or stone.
  • Another modern trend is high tech flooring. Engineered hardwood is a great choice for smart consumers looking for a high tech product. Due to its superior construction, engineered hardwood has many advantages over solid hardwood. It has the same look and feel of hardwood, but is much more durable and cost effective. In terms of color, light grey and dark wood are the hot looks for wood this year. Wider wood planks are also being favored by décor experts as they tend to make your space look larger and create an authentic look and feel.
  • Still a popular option for the floor is ceramics. This year’s new trend favors a plethora of colors and designs that mimic brick, wood, marble and concrete. The wood look remains a steady trend for a rustic forest fashion, on a supremely durable surface, such as plank style porcelain tiles with a wood grain design.
I hope these tips help to give you some ideas for a more modern flooring renovation, please feel free to contact us directly for more information or visit our website for more details.
Thank you. 
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