How to Do a Modular Second Floor Addition For My House in Toronto?

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We are considering modular home additions, to add a second floor to our single story home in Toronto. Our home is around 70 years old. My wife and I understand that the Ontario Building Code is quite extensive, and in order for us to get a permit we need to pass the building inspection. Before we invest too much into this addition process, we want to make sure that it is firstly, possible; and secondly, affordable. Could you possibly share your “know how’s” or rule-of-thumb standards used in the construction industry? Are you able to help us navigate the Ontario Building Code?



By Modular Home Additions Ltd
Hi there. 
Thank you for contacting Modular Home Additions, regarding your interest in second floor additions for your house in Toronto. We would be more than happy to take you through the whole process from designing the second floor addition, through obtaining the permits and finally building the addition for you.
Before the whole process starts, we can help you by arranging for what we call "feasibility study", where two engineers will examine your place and determine if your existing bungalow is capable of carrying second floor addition.
Once we get that information, than we can start designing and planning your new addition.
Feel free to call us at 416-759-4663 to make arrangements for a meeting to discuss the details.
Vladeta Jericevic
Modular Home Additions Ltd.
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