How long does a home addition take?

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How long does a home addition take?
Hi there,
I want to convert my one-story house into a two story before winter starts. My house isn’t very big, so the second story wouldn’t be that large.
I’m hoping to have this all done by mid-November.
Is that possible?
How long does a home addition take?


By Modular Home Additions Ltd
First of all, our unique process allows us to work 12 months (with only restriction of digging, if it is needed, that cannot be done when the ground is frozen).
Second, the timelines depend mostly on the building permit application process that might be very lengthy (4-6 months or more, in some cases even over a year).
Our construction process is done fairly quickly.
Phase 1, installation of the shell of construction, is done within few days.
The interior works and renovation (Phases 2 and 3), are typically done within next three to four months. All in all, the process of adding a home addition takes about 4 to 5 months to complete.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions regrading how long the process of a home addition takes, or visit our website for more details about the other services we provide. 
Thank you. 
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