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I am looking to renovate my home by adding an extension. I don’t really know how the process works and am concerned about what kind of coverage I would need insurance wise if anything were to go wrong. Is that something that you could help with? What kind of home addition insurance do I need while in the renovation process?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
R. Hamilton


By Modular Home Additions Ltd
Excellent question!
When it comes to home addition insurance, Modular is fully licensed and insured, hence our insurance covers home owners for potential damages that might occur during our work.
Home owners need to add “Builders Risk Insurance” to their home policy, which will cover them for the things not related to our work and for the time that Modular workers and sub-trades are not on the site (i.e. overnight and over the weekend). Thus home owners are fully protected from any kind of damage on theirs or their neighbours’ properties related to the construction work.
Please feel free to contact us directly for more information on home addition insurance or visit our website for more details on what we have to offer.
Thank you. 
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