Fixing a bad remodelling job

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Fixing a bad remodelling job

Hey there,
So I recently renovated my home by adding an extension and am not pleased with the final results at all.
Do you offer quotes on fixing a bad remodelling job, I am really in need of fixing the previous one!


By Modular Home Additions Ltd
When it comes to fixing a bad remodelling job, this is usually something that TV home shows like to do and any decent contractor tries not to go over someone else’s work by trying to fix it.
We always try to help home owners who have had bad experience with their contractor, and do sometimes take over projects that require fixing a bad remodelling job, but typically it ends up that most of the work needs to be done from the scratch.
It is very difficult to decide what and how has been done, and if the previous work was properly inspected. Many times it is safer to disregard the previous work, and to do everything properly.
If you require any more information or are interested in viewing the kind of services we provide, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.
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