Energy Efficient Home Addition

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Energy Efficient Home Addition

I was wanting a little more information about home additions and whether or not this kind of home renovation will make my home more energy efficient.


Is this something your company can help me with?


How does your company ensure that the materials used during a renovation/home addition can help with making my home more energy efficient? 

Thank you


By Modular Home Additions Ltd

All the construction projects need to be built in a way to conform Ontario Building Code. Every step of the way in construction is mandatory inspected by the City’s building inspector to make sure that OBC requirements are met.


Hence, our construction method meets at least minimum requirement for the energy efficiency, if not exceeds it. Of course, if clients want to upgrade materials to achieve even more energy efficiency, that can be done.


If design somehow misses client’s idea, our designer will prepare anther rendition of the project- with no extra cost!

I hope this helps!
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