Custom Modular Home Addition Toronto

By Nola
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Custom Modular Home Addition Toronto


I’m looking to do some renovations to my home, I am looking for a more customized feel as I know most home additions seem to be the same.


Are they all the same?


What level of customization am I able to implement to the renovation of my home?


Does your company allow custom jobs or is it the same for most renovations?


I have no idea how the process works so any info would be greatly appreciated.


By Modular Home Additions Ltd

Every project is custom designed according to client’s ideas and “wish list”. Our designers meet with clients at the home site, discuss different ideas, and custom design the exterior look as well as floor plans of the home.


The client has opportunity to give his feedback and requests changes, if needed. If design somehow misses client’s idea, our designer will prepare anther rendition of the project- with no extra cost!

I hope this helps.
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