Second level Cottage Home Addition

By Stanley R.Q & A
Hello,   My cottage home is in need of some upgrades and I was thinking of adding more space. Do you offer home addition options for cottage homes or do you mainly work on residential houses?   Thank ...AnswerRegarding your question about second level cottage home additions, at the moment Modular Home Additions only works in the GTA on both residential and commercial projects. Cottages have been on our mind ...

Fixing a bad remodelling job

By Lily DanielsQ & A
Hey there,   So I recently renovated my home by adding an extension and am not pleased with the final results at all. Do you offer quotes on fixing a bad remodelling job, I am really in need of fixing ...AnswerWhen it comes to fixing a bad remodelling job, this is usually something that TV home shows like to do and any decent contractor tries not to go over someone else’s work by trying to fix it. We always ...

Home Addition Insurance Toronto

321.pngBy RHamiltonQ & A
Hello,   I am looking to renovate my home by adding an extension. I don’t really know how the process works and am concerned about what kind of coverage I would need insurance wise if anything ...AnswerExcellent question!   When it comes to home addition insurance, Modular is fully licensed and insured, hence our insurance covers home owners for potential damages that might occur during our work. ...

Can I still live in my house if it's being remodelled?

By Ms.CampbellQ & A
Hi Team,   This might seem like a silly question, but I was thinking of adding a second level to my bungalow in Toronto. I have been reading up on the renovation process and was wondering if it’s ...AnswerMost of our clients manage to stay at home during the remodelling process, but that obviously depends on the scope of work, and availability of their space. If client has finished basement, or does not ...

How long does a home addition take?

By FluxQ & A
? I want to convert my one-story house into a two story before winter starts. My house isn’t very big, so the second story wouldn’t be that large. I’m hoping to have this all done by ...AnswerFirst of all, our unique process allows us to work 12 months (with only restriction of digging, if it is needed, that cannot be done when the ground is frozen). Second, the timelines depend mostly on ...
Renovation and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Renovation and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By meghanbradleyQ & A
Hi Modular, I have a very small, one-person-can-fit style of bathroom in my Toronto home. Although it is squishy, I’d like to spruce it up a bit, either by renovating it or adding some design features. ...Answer When it comes to renovation and design ideas for small bathrooms, you should try to work with smaller fixtures (i.e. pedestal sink, etc.) Also, the right colors and lightning can create the illusion of ...
Ideas for Designing Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for Designing Kitchen Cabinets

By Jonathan McClapQ & A
Recently I’ve noticed a trend for ideas on designing kitchen cabinets,making your kitchen unique and personalized. I’m in the beginning stages of doing a kitchen renovation. Designing kitchen ...Answer In terms of ideas for designing kitchen cabinets, this year's kitchen trends feature products that are: earth-friendly; high-tech; colorful; designed for fresh, healthy food preparation; and all about ...

Modern Flooring Renovation Toronto

By Stanley R.Q & A
I am looking for modern flooring renovation options to change up the look of the floors in our downtown Toronto home. We currently have carpet and linoleum tiles on the first floor, which have been ...Answer When looking into renovating flooring, you should first check your linoleum floors to make sure they do not have asbestos in them, which can be a health hazard. In that case, the removal should be done ...
Expanding house with second level addition Toronto

Expanding house with second level addition Toronto

By meghanbradleyQ & A
Hi Modular!   We’re looking to expand our Toronto home by adding a second story.and we’re working on a budget. Our house is a wide and bungalow style, and we want to have a few bedroom ...AnswerModular provides all interested clients with a free estimate for their proposed projects. The first meeting with our clients always takes place in our office, thus we can accommodate at least 50-60 clients ...

How to Do a Modular Second Floor Addition For My House in Toronto?

By AnonymousQ & A
We are considering modular home additions, to add a second floor to our single story home in Toronto. Our home is around 70 years old. My wife and I understand that the Ontario Building Code is quite extensive, ...AnswerHi there.  Thank you for contacting Modular Home Additions, regarding your interest in second floor additions for your house in Toronto. We would be more than happy to take you through the whole process ...
Second Storey Modular Home Addition to Townhouses in Toronto

Second Storey Modular Home Addition to Townhouses in Toronto

109.pngBy cjpQ & A
I have been looking to get a modular second story home addition in my house, but the problem is I live in a bungalow townhome in Toronto. My neighbor is not interested, but I told the neighbor that I would ...AnswerHi CJP   Yes we can, and we have done quite a few second and even third story additions on semi detached town houses in Toronto. We would like to explain the whole process and help you with all ...

Third Storey Home Additions In Richmond Hill

By MarkQ & A
I have seen some of the work that Modular Home Additions has done, and it is quite impressive. I’m thinking of doing a third story addition to my home in Richmond Hill, but I’ve only seen second ...AnswerThank you for your inquiry, yes we do third storey home additions in Richmond Hill, and would appreciate if you would be able to come to the office to discuss details. We would be able to provide you with ...
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