May ArtSalon 2015!

We at Modular Home Additions are proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the May ArtSalon 2015ArtSalon 2015 is a unique exhibition of a wide-range contemporary art, taking place twice a year, traditionally featuring works by more than 40 artists. May ArtSalon 2015NORTH LIBERTY ...

Spring Cleaning Dos and Don'ts!

Do’sPlan AheadJust like any big task you should plan ahead. This ensures that everything that needs to be done gets done. Planning ahead will make things go a lot faster, by marking down everything you can see what task will take the longest and shortest to do. Start with the big ...

Toronto Custom Homes – Modular Home Additions

A Perfectly Customized Home Customized homes embrace the idea that the design of all homes should reflect the family that resides within them. The size of your family and their needs are constantly changing. What may have been the perfect bungalow or starter-home can suddenly ...

Luxury Homes Toronto – Modular Home Additions

Luxurious Living Everyone dreams of owning a luxury home. Unfortunately house prices in Toronto don't make that an easy dream to attain for the average person. Buying a new, modern and spacious house in Toronto and the GTA is not within the average earner's budget. But that doesn't ...

Kitchen Design Ideas – Modular Home Additions

Sleek and Modern to Traditional Country Everyone has personal tastes when it comes to decorating. Fortunately, when it comes to updating your kitchen, there are thousands of different design ideas that you can go with. While some people may prefer a more modern approach, others ...

Installing Kitchen Cabinets - Modular Home Additions

Update Your Home, Increase Its Value There are many reasons to install new kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it is just to get a more updated look in a room people tend to spend most of their time in. But an added benefit of installing kitchen cabinets that are more modern and recent ...

Building a Kitchen - Modular Home Additions

The Dream Kitchen Everyone has a vision of the perfect kitchen. But while we all dream of the perfect place to cook, building a kitchen is not as easy as it may seem. Before starting out on a renovation project, it is important to determine what exactly it is that you want to ...

Building a House - Modular Home Additions

The First Steps While the idea of building your own house may sound exciting, it often ends up being far more challenging than originally anticipated. People decide to build homes for many reasons. It is wonderful to have an original house that is custom-made specifically for ...

Toronto Builder – Modular Home Additions

Building Homes the Easy Way Many homebuilders often try to make the construction process an allusive one to their clients allowing them to make the renovations or building seem far more complicated than it actually is. When customers are unaware of what is involved in the construction ...

Builders In Toronto – Modular Home Additions

Winter is As Good a Time as Any Finding professional homebuilders in Toronto in the summertime can be tough. The warmer months of the year tend to be busiest for home renovators and contractors as everyone believes that this is the easiest time to get work done to a home. Not ...

Build a Kitchen - Modular Home Additions

Every Little Bit Counts There are many reasons why updating a kitchen can be a good idea. Whether you are putting the house up for sale and want to increase its overall value, or you are simply in need of a good change, building a new kitchen is a big project considering all ...

Beautiful Bath and Kitchen Renovations

Enhance Your Lifestyle While you may love where you live, there are always aspects of our homes that we wish we could improve upon. But the idea of interior home renovations is usually not very attractive to many homeowners due to the high amount of horror stories out there. ...

Toronto Builder – Modular Home Additions

An Alternative to Finding a New Home Selling a home can be a sad experience because of the memories that are left behind. Before deciding to sell your house and buy a new one, you should first consider all of the ways to improve your current home. One of the most common reasons ...

Small Kitchen Designs - Modular Home Additions

There are Many Options to Improve Your Kitchen The kitchen is usually one of the rooms in a home where space is at a premium. There are so many space-saving gadgets on the market that attempt to help make the most of the available space, but essentially a small kitchen is just ...
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